April’s Farmhouse Eggs Benedict

“In trying to figure out what I could serve with the Fried Corn Cakes with Green Onion, I came up with a fantastic idea … Eggs Benedict! You can also make this with Canadian bacon, but if you use regular bacon, you can use the grease to fry the tomatoes for extra flavor. I was inspired to include a Sriracha Hollandaise Sauce from the fantastic Irish Eggs Benedict served at DeVere’s Pub in Davis.” – April Ferre

April’s Farmhouse Eggs Benedict

Course: Breakfast


  • 8 slices Bacon Cooked, Grease Reserved
  • 1 Recipe Fried Corn Cakes with Green Onion
  • 1 Recipe Sriracha Hollandaise Sauce
  • 8 Slices Tomato
  • 1 Tablespoon White Vinegar
  • 8 Eggs
  • Baby Arugala
  • Green Onions Sliced


  • Heat oven to 375 degrees. Line a baking sheet with foil. Cook bacon until crisp. Remove bacon to a foil covered pan. Lower the oven temperature to 200 degrees. Place bacon in the oven to keep warm.
  • Make Fried Corn Cakes (use 1/3 cup batter per cake). When completed place in oven with bacon. Make Sriracha Hollandaise Sauce and set aside.
  • Use reserved bacon grease to fry tomato slices until cooked through but not mushy. Place in oven-safe dish in the oven.
  • To poach eggs: Bring a medium pot of water (4 inches deep) to a boil. While waiting for the water to boil, crack an egg into a small fine mesh sieve over a bowl. Swirl the egg in the sieve until all the liquidy egg whites have been removed. Then, place the egg in a ramekin. Stir the vinegar into the water and create a vortex. Add the egg to the middle of the vortex and cook the egg for 3 minutes. Remove the egg with a slotted spoon and dab it on a paper towel to remove any excess water. Serve immediately.
  • Alternatively, if making the poached eggs for meal prep or ahead of time, transfer the cooked poached eggs to an ice water bath and refrigerate for a couple of days. When ready to serve, add boiling water to a bowl, then add the cold poached egg and submerge for 20-30 seconds or until warmed through. Remove the poached egg with a slotted spoon, dab dry and serve immediately.
  • To assemble the Eggs Benedict: Start with a fried corn cake, then top with arugala, fried tomato, bacon and a poached egg. Top with sriracha Hollandaise sauce and green onion.

2020 Original Recipe – April Ferre – Poached Egg directions from www.downshiftology.com

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