Jan BowmanMiddle School Home Arts Teacher
Maxine BrownMaternal Grandmother’s Friend
Lisa ButterworthFirst Cousin Once Removed
Elizabeth Ruth “Bee” CameronMaternal Great Aunt
Laurie CameronMaternal Aunt
Ruth CameronMaternal Great Grandmother
Scott & Debbie CameronMaternal Uncle & Aunt
Leslie CooperChoir Buddy
Blanche CurryFamily Friend from the
First Congregational Church in Soquel
Dorothy DalkeyMaternal Grandmother’s Friend
Anthony DelacruzCollege Friend
April FerreMyself
Calla FerreMother
David FerreBrother
Stephen FerreFather
Thomas FerreBrother
Helen FerrePaternal Grandmother
Audrey GartzMaternal Grandmother’s
Neighbor in Oregon
Bertha GriswoldMaternal Great Great Grandmother
LeAnne GrubeMother’s College Friend
Jean HansenMaternal Grandmother
Sigrid HansenMaternal Grandmother’s
Second Husband’s Ex-Wife
Tim HayesShacklett Labmate
Duane HoltropMaternal Aunt’s Ex-Husband
Kathleen HolzwartMother’s Dental Hygiene Classmate
Ruth JacobsMaternal Grandmother’s
Best Friend in Oregon
Ada JepsonMaternal Great Grandmother’s
Best Friend in High School
Susan JohnsonMother’s Coworker
Jody JonesMiddle School Culinary Arts Teacher
Dawnell KenneyMother’s Coworker
Claudia LaugenourMother’s Coworker
Donna LemongelloShacklett Labmate
Danielle LevinsonCollege Roommate
Eileen LidkeyMaternal Cousin on Stacker Side of Family
Dorothy MaCauleyFather’s Ex-wife’s Stepmother
Jeanie MarxMaternal Grandmother’s
Best Friend in College
Delandy McConnellShacklett Labmate
Bridget McLaughlin & Burke LucyShacklett Labmate & Her Husband
Evelyn MiloRelative of Griswold Ancestry
Casey MooreFather’s Coworker
Frank & Tony NigroHigh School Friends
Jana OlveraAccompanist at University Covenant Church
Bruce & Jeri OnetoSanta Cruz County Fair Home Arts
Carol OxfordCoworker
Lois PattersonPaternal Great Aunt
Audrey PopeMaternal Grandmother’s Friend
Pietro PresicceShacklett Lab Visiting Post-doc
Jane RaleyMother’s Coworker
Donna RandallMother of Friend who caught Mom’s Wedding Bouquet
Helen RipleyMaternal Grandmother’s Friend
Joyce SchweigertFamily Friend
Hon SengCollege Friend
Kathy SerpaFather’s Coworker’s Wife
Jennie ShabelMother’s Coworker
Barbara Shacklett & Jean-Jacques LambertPhD Mentor & Her Husband
Julia ShawShacklett Labmate
Steve SmithCollege Friend
Samen SonCollege Friend
Hazel SpurgeonMaternal Cousin Several Times Removed
Calla StackerMaternal Great Grandmother
Dorothea StackerMaternal Great (x4) Grandmother
Julie StallingsFriend since Kindergarten
Vaudine ThayerSanta Cruz County Fair Home Arts
Mary Ellen WatkinsMother of High School Friend
Darlene WheatPaternal Great Aunt’s Friend & Mom’s Hygiene School Friend
Alvin WongCollege Friend
Joyce WongCollege Friend