Ricotta (Whey Method)

“A great way to make the most out of your leftover whey, when making Mozzarella.” – April Ferre

Ricotta (Whey Method)

Course: Cheese
Cuisine: Italian


  • Fresh Whey
  • Salt
  • Heavy Cream Optional
  • Herbs Optional


  • Heat your leftover whey from making mozzarella or hard cheese to 200 degrees. Use only fresh whey, no more than 3 hours old. You will start to see tiny white particles (albumin protein) floating in the whey. You can add a little vinegar if it is not precipitating well, about 1/4 Cup per 2 gallons whey.
  • Line a colander fine cheesecloth (butter muslin, not regular cheesecloth), place over a large pot, and pour whey through. Tie ends of cheesecloth and hang for a couple hours.
  • When drained, place ricotta in bowl and add salt to taste. Add a bit of cream for a richer, more moist cheese. You may also flavor with different herbs if desired.
  • Whey from different cheeses will yield different flavored Ricotta. It will keep a couple weeks in the refrigerator. Yield: About 1/2 pound Ricotta per gallon of whey.

2009 Recipe – Calla and April Ferre – From Home Cheese Making by Ricki Carroll, 2002 and Fiasco Farm

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