How to Make the Bunny Cake

Bunny Cake

Course: Cakes & Cupcakes


Cutting instructions:

  • Cut Cake Layer 1 in half to form bunny body. (A)
  • Place Section 1 and 2 side by side on plate. Cut Section 3 from both layers. (B)
  • Use half of Section 3 for a tail. Round out edges of from notch left from Section 3 (neck and back of bunny). (C)
  • Cut Cake Layer 2 to form Section 4 and 5. (D)
  • Place Sections 4 and 5 on either side of body to form legs. (E)
  • Cut two ears from construction paper or card stock, 1.75-inch wide and 4-inches tall. (F)

Assembly Instructions:

  • Spread Lemon Filling between Sections 4 and 1, 1 and 2, and 2 and 5. When preparing filling, make a little thicker than usual to help hold up the sections. Place on serving tray.
  • Prepare Seven Minute Frosting, and cover entire cake, mounding frosting in such a way to achieve desired shape. Swirl frosting on top of tail.
  • Pat on Coconut over entire cake, except tail.
  • Fold paper ears and shape as desired. Secure with tape. Place ears on head.
  • Use your choice of candy for eyes and nose. Shown: Chocolate Covered Raisins for eyes, and Sour Gumdrop for nose. For Easter Cake: Use Jelly Beans.

2011 – April Ferre – Based off of Betty Crocker’s Recipe at