Egg Salad Sandwich

“When I was considering which recipes to use in our Luncheon Puff Pastry Appetizers, I asked my Mom if we had an Egg Salad recipe. This is one of the recipes that she just always does from scratch without a recipe, and so it never got written down. But it definitely deserves a place here in our cookbook. If you want to get fancy, serve on a croissant.” – April Ferre

Egg Salad Sandwich

Course: Sandwiches


  • Hardboiled Eggs Chopped
  • Mayonnaise
  • Milk or Half & Half Optional
  • Onion Powder
  • Bread Slices


  • Green Onion Sliced
  • Leaf Lettuce


  • Mix chopped hardboiled eggs with enough mayonnaise to moisten and bring together. If you want to use less mayonnaise, you can also add some milk or half & half. Add onion powder to taste; mix well.
  • Optional: Add some sliced green onion to the egg salad and serve with leaf lettuce.
  • Spread between slices of bread and serve.

Original Recipe – Calla Ferre