Celery Flakes

“When I went to make our Salt Substitute, I looked for celery flakes in the grocery store. There were none to be found. While you can still find this ingredient online, it is very overpriced, so it is much easier to make this yourself (assuming you have a food dehydrator.) Plus, this is a great way to use the celery leaves that you would normally throw away.” – April Ferre

Celery Flakes

Course: Dehydrated Foods


  • Celery Leaves


  • Remove celery leaves from celery stalks.
  • Place on lined trays in a food dehydrator and dehydrate at 115 degrees for 3 hours or until completely dried and crisp.
  • Process dried leaves in a coffee grinder until chopped to desired size. Remove any large stems or veins that remain. Store in an airtight container.
  • Use as a garnish or soups or meats or add to any dish that calls for celery.


Use sparingly as the flavor is highly concentrated.

2023 Recipe – April Ferre