Peach Seed Jelly

“My grandmother was listening to the radio when Miss Gypsy Rose Lee appeared for an interview. This was one of her favorites, and she offered to mail a copy of the recipe to anyone who wrote in asking for it. Gypsy Rose Lee was the burlesque entertainer famous for the development of the “striptease,” whose life story was the inspiration for the stage musical “Gypsy”. Perhaps she is an scandalous source for a family cookbook, but she certainly adds a bit of intrigue.” – April Ferre

“My father met her once at a rotary club luncheon where she gave a speech. He was very impressed by her. He said she was a real lady, well spoken, and well educated.” – Jean Hansen

“Make sure to save your peach pits when you are canning peaches. Also, save any peels and throw them in the water as well.” – Calla Ferre

Peach Seed Jelly

Course: Jams & Preserves


  • Peach Seeds from 1 Bushel Peaches


  • Cover seed with water. Boil for 20 minutes. Strain.
  • Using your favorite pectin, follow the directions which they give for making peach jelly. Peach seed jelly is a beautiful shade of red.

Recipe – Jean Hansen