Jane’s Microwave Fudge

“I generally don’t put much trust in microwave recipes, but after trying many a stove top fudge recipe, I tried this one that my Mom brought home from work. I was astonished how well it came out. And it is practically fool-proof! I was even able to make this in my dorm room at college. I say practically fool-proof though because my best friend, Alvin, LOVES these and tried to make them himself one time and it didn’t work. (I think he cooked it too long and the butter separated.) But he did come up with a creative use for what was left, he used it as a topping for cheesecake, and it worked well! But at least I always know what I can get him for Christmas! These form the centerpiece of my Christmas candy platters.”- April Ferre

“Great fudge, and easy to make.” – Calla Ferre

Jane’s Microwave Fudge

Course: Candy & Confections


  • 3 Cups Semi-Sweet or Milk Chocolate Chips
  • 1/4 Cup Butter
  • 1 12-Ounce Can Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • 1 Cup Nuts Chopped


  • Melt chocolate, sweetened condensed milk and butter in microwave, stirring occasionally until smooth. Blend in nuts.
  • Spread into buttered (not greased) 8×8- or 9×9-inch baking pan. Refrigerate until set. Cut into squares in the morning.

Recipe – Jane Raley