Impromptu Appetizer

“I got this out of the Philadelphia Cream Cheese cookbook and thought it was an intriguing, yet quick and simple last minute appetizer.” – Calla Ferre

Impromptu Appetizer

Course: Appetizer


  • 1/4 Cup Cocktail Sauce
  • 1 8-Ounce Package Cream Cheese
  • Canned Shrimp


  • Pour cocktail sauce over cream cheese; top with shrimp. Serve with crackers or party breads.
  • Variations: Substitute any of the following for cocktail sauce and shrimp:
    1/4 Cup Horseradish Sauce mixed with 1 Teaspoon Prepared Mustard and Finely Chopped Ham.
    2 1/4-Oz Can Deviled Ham and Sweet Pickle Relish.
    Crisply Cooked Crumbled Bacon and Green Onion Slices.

Late 1980’s Recipe – Calla Ferre – From Philadelphia Cream Cheese Cookbook, Kraft Kitchens, 1988.