Beef Cookery in General

Beef Cookery In General

Course: Main Courses – Beef


Dry Heat Methods:

    * Oven Roasting: For large tender cuts

    • Season wit salt and pepper if desired
    • Place meat, fat side up, on rack in open shallow roasting pan
    • Insert a meat thermometer so that the bulb is in the center of the largest muscle
    • Add no water and do not cover
    • Roast according to roasting tables

    * Broiling: Best suited for tender steaks and ground beef at least 1- inch thick

    • Set the oven regulator for broiling
    • Place the beef on broiler pan at least 3-6 inches for the heat. Remember that is you are broiling, you should place a thick cut of meat further away from the heat than a thinner cut to assure proper cooking
    • Broil until top side is brown
    • Season top side with salt and pepper if desired
    • Turn and brown other side
    • Season to taste and serve at once

    * Pan Broiling: For tender cuts 1-inch thick or less

    • Place meat in a open skillet or on a griddle. The pan may be rubbed with a little beef fat, or sprinkled with a thin layer of salt, the prevent sticking
    • Do not add fat or water and do not cover
    • Cook slowly, turning occasionally
    • Pour off or remove fat as it accumulates
    • Brown meat on both sides
    • Do not over cook, season as desired and serve at once

    * Pan Frying: Similar to pan broiling

    • Brown meat on both sides in a hot skillet using a small amount of fat
    • Season with salt and pepper as desired
    • Do not cover the meat or add liquid
    • Cook at moderate temperature, turning occasionally, until done
    • Remove from pan and serve at once

    Moist Heat Methods:

      * Braising: Suitable for less tender cuts of beef (also called Pot Roasting)

      • Brown meat slowly on all sides in a heavy utensil (the beef may be rolled or dipped in flour first)
      • Season as desired
      • Add a small amount of liquid if necessary
      • Cover tightly
      • Cook at a low temperature until tender
      • Make a sauce or gravy from the liquid in the pot, if desired

      * Simmering: Requires more water than other methods because the beef needs longer cooking and more moisture to make it fork tender

      • Brown meat on all sides, if desired
      • Cover meat with water or stock
      • Season as desired
      • Cover pot and simmer (do not boil) until tender
      • If the meat is to be served cold, let it cool and then chill in the stock in which it was cooked
      • When vegetables are to be cooked with the meat as in boiled dinners, add them whole or in pieces, just long enough before the meat is tender, to cook them